Just Wait On It!

This week I am in awe of Porsha Williams with her newly revealed pregnancy and engagement to the man of her dreams.  Let me say this Porsha was on the verge of settling to have a child with her ex-boyfriend. She proposed a “baby prenup” that they just have kids and they each do their part even if nothing happened romantically.  Porsha was ready to give up just to have a child by any means. Doesn’t that sound familiar, we get fed-up with our current situation and we tend to settle for any random relationship or even having a baby just because?  Well finally Porsha said “I’m Not Obsessing Over It Anymore”, we all need to take heed to that statement. We CAN NOT continue to stress over situations we CAN’T control, the time will come. She finally gave up on pushing herself and let God handle the rest.

Porsha shocked everyone with an Instagram post saying I am pregnant and healthy, shortly after that proposal was on the rise from Dennis McKinley and she said YES.  Wow, you see when you don’t rush things and wait you will get the desires of your heart. Let me say this, that baby will come, that relationship you’ve dreamed of will come. The right person will fight for you and your heart Just Wait On It.