I know you must be saying what the heck is an Emotional Scammer? When you hear the word Scammer you automatically think of people who try to trick you into giving up your hard earned money or something of value to you. I was talking with my girl and the topic came up in regards this very thing. Emotional Scammers are people you must always beware of. They like to prey on your desire to be loved and use whatever you tell them against you later down the line. Usually, when they are so interested in you including asking multiple questions all the while having little to nothing to say about themselves.  No, it should never just be about you, it is imperative that you know that person and get to know them.  It seems sweet when the “emotional scammer” tends to make it all about you knowing your inner most thoughts, secrets and desires.  It may easily feel like you are being swept off of your feet like the love stories you see in the movies or read about in a book.

 Then there are emotional scammers who like to also appear during the holidays let’s face it most people are depressed when they are single around the holidays. I’ve spoken to a lot of singles who get sad around the holidays and they don’t like to look on social media where you see numerous holiday engagements, baby announcements or weddings. They long to be loved by someone which is the perfect opportunity for an emotional scammer to pop up with a secret motive. If during that time someone comes to you offering companionship there is an instant excitement just by having someone of the opposite sex wanting to talk to you and share special moments with.  They often times want money and gifts, I’m warning you don’t do it. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “Your gift is at my mother’s house” well let me tell you its years later and I am still waiting for my gift. There I was giving them a gift and they accidentally left my gift somewhere. He had a full list of items he wanted to me to purchase along with the stores as to where I could purchase each item but little to no talk about what I could possibly want.

 All in all emotional scammers seek attention from you, they want to inflict pain, case distress in some way shape or form. A handful of them are desperate for emotional support.  Those are also ones who get out of a relationships and want to get over that ex by any means necessary and that is where you come in. You become the rebound for that emotional scammer.

5 Top Ways To Spot an Emotional Scammer:

1.     Making it all about you and not wanting to discuss anything about them.

2.     Always talking bad about an ex that they claim they are over.

3.     Asking for gifts and money immediately.

4.     Showering you with loving words too soon.

5.     Telling you they love you or in love right away.

Ask the person questions, if they shy away from not wanting to talk about themselves it’s not a good sign.  You just have to be watchful, if you are unsure discuss it with someone close to you that you can absolutely trust. Normally we don’t see warning signs right in the middle of a situation. It will most likely take someone on the outside looking in. 

Until Next time….

Ashley W. Gillett