Hey ya’ll, it’s been a minute since I wrote to you all. I have literally been busy working on RED FLAGS RUN 2, THE FRIENDS EDITION.  Well we are still working on the title so be on the look-out.  I am here to talk about a huge lesson I learned just these past few months. DON’T ENTERTAIN SOMEONE YOU REALLY HAVE NO INTEREST IN OR ATTRACTED TO.  I tried, Lord knows I tried to change my dating mindset and give others a chance. Well let me tell you ISSA NO BOO!! Yes, I have in the past talked to about 7 married ladies all telling me they were NOT attracted to their husbands. It is not in a way saying their husbands are UGLY, no it was just that they were not used to dating that type of guy. Well in my mind I interpreted that as hey Ashley, all the men you WERE attracted to landed in your book now give others a try. 

I did give others a try and it was a complete fail. As you see in the picture I am thanking GOD for not allowing me to say YES to another RED FLAGS RUN dude. Be selfish with your standards/beliefs, your wants and your desires.  Trying to convince yourself that he or she is a good catch is for the birds. It will eventually wear off and you will be staring at them irritated wondering what the HECK is wrong with me.  Ladies, when you say YES to a man for a committed relationship ask yourself why? This could potentially be your spouse so why settle just to be in a committed relationship.  We have the potential to upgrade and add value to a man with no problem. For goodness sakes ask him QUESTIONS don’t assume anything. QUEENS ASK QUESTIONS! Ask yourself is that MAN adding value to you? If he isn’t…..NEXT and please pray about it!









Don’t give everyone a shot be very particular with who you allow into your life.  Shout out to my boo, @MEMACREATIONS aka Melisa for smacking the back of my head during my dating season. Yes, it’s still a TO BE CONTINUED situation, but trust the HAPPY is coming soon.

Until Next Time….

Ashley W. Gillett