First off I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Now that we are in 2019 it is important to remember how precious time is. You all know my favorite quote “you don’t have time to waste time” so please get that in your mind.  It is the one thing we can never get back from 2018 and beyond.  All we have are memories whether it’s good or bad, decisions that we’ve made, places we’ve been and so much more.  We have to set goals for the New Year, work toward them and maximize your time to the fullest.

Time is a gift I no longer want us to take for granted. We are truly on borrowed time so spend it wisely. We can no longer have excuses, the year went quickly and what did we do with our 2018? I honestly couldn’t believe a few days ago was Christmas then BAM we were all screaming and texting our loved ones HAPPY NEW YEAR. Now, its day 10 and I swear I was supposed to do this blog the first week in January. Like I said before time waits for NO ONE. 

We are going to start this year off with these:

  • Say what you will do this year and mean it.

  • My 3 P’s: Plan it, Prepare for it and Push for Purpose.

  • Execute your plans, Crush your Goals and Create Long Lasting Memories.

  • If you are single, make sure you fall in love with yourself first then you can fully love someone else.

  • Write down your Emotional Goals. EXAMPLE: What’s holding you back from love & dating? How many dates are you taking yourself on?

Use the time here on earth wisely so create that business, be that next millionaire, write that book, start that blog, get in the gym all that good stuff and most importantly love hard.

Until Next Time….