VALENTINE'S DAY - Single Edition

Valentine’s Day is speedily approaching and soon the stores will be filled with red roses, chocolates, and cards galore. There will be package deals on Groupon, Amazon, and the list goes on.  Well here I am on to the next one. This Valentine’s Day I get the pleasure of loving on me! Funny thing a few years back all my energy, time, and attention was on showering another. I’m grateful for the growth and the season I’m in where I get to focus on me and what I really want. Like seriously there is no better time than the present. If you’re single and loving it like me then here are my top 3 tips to surviving V-Day!

  1. Focus On You: sure it’s easier said than done but it’s possible. Write yourself a love note from now and send it to yourself! Or buy yourself that card you can’t stop wishing someone else would give you. Heck girl send it to yourself!

  1. Strut Your Stuff: Yes, buy that outfit, buy those shoes, and strut it! No need to be stuck in the house wishing you’d had a date…Boo date yourself! It’s 2019 and we women are well on our way to doing us! You just might bump into Mr. Right that night!

  1. Relax: Chime down any way you can. Maybe you’re like me and you love journaling and writing your prayers down, or you like a good bubble bath, or a great audio book. Whatever it is relax! You deserve it you’ve been working hard on your work project, serving in your community, and giving God your all in your local church. Now it’s your time to relax.

Well that’s it loves don’t look back but look forward to what’s ahead. A fabulous Valentine’s Day just for you! I’m single, saved, satisfied, and glowing through what I grow through! Thanks to my girl Ashley for allowing me to guest blog. You can connect with me head over to and on Instagram at and of course over on Facebook at

Until next time

Grow | Glow

Narcisa Maura