Traveling to the Love Countries

The reason for this grand trip was to celebrate love and what better way to do that than in Spain, France, Italy and Rome. It was a 40th anniversary (goals) which I believe is something worth talking about.  It is always good to see that Black Love lasts don’t let them fool you love is out there.  I took a cruise along with other family/friends for 8 wonderful days across the Mediterranean Sea. It amazed me every day waking up in different parts of Europe I felt so blessed to even experience this trip. There is just something romantic about city hopping on the Mediterranean, don’t you think? Now let me say Royal Caribbean cruise was top of the line and if you plan on taking a cruise for that long you will absolutely need to lose at least 10 pounds because you will gain it back thank God I only gained 4 (Won’t He Do It). The amount of food on that cruise was ridiculous but well appreciated☺.

First stop was Barcelona, Spain I was so out of it when I arrived, the flight was 7 hours and I did not sleep good on the plane then there was a 6 hour difference so you can imagine how exhausted I was. When I finally got settled in my room I decided to take a nap during a mandatory fire drill, the cleaning lady had to come in get me from my room.  How embarrassing to see I was literally the last person walking into the room to learn about the cruise safety features. Yep, they had to wait for little ole me and that seemed to be a thing throughout the entire trip, don’t worry I’ll explain. The next day we had a day at the beach in Barcelona but the cab drivers was trying to beat us in the head so we decided to take our butts back on the cruise so we could chill by the pool, take selfies and relax which I was perfectly fine.

Marseille, France another stop which was beautiful by the way, we went shopping, took a tour of the love city and had the best chocolate you could ever come across.  In Europe they drink wine all day and all night it’s apart of their culture which I was fine with when I was handed a glass. The highlight of visiting Marseille, France was the soap I purchased which is made with 72% olive oil and BABY let me tell you your skin will feel like Velvet.   I will say this if you are planning to travel there change your money at the bank if they provide that service or at the airport. Unlike traveling to the Caribbean travel where they gladly accept USD they don’t in Europe you will need Euros.

Fast forward to Pisa, Italy the following day my crew and I took a tour bus where we were dropped off by our tour guide who said we are leaving at 1pm (NO EXCEPTION).  I got so excited when we pulled up to the stop because I saw some stores I needed to go to. Finally the REAL shopping began and first stop was the FENDI store. I noticed a bag there I didn’t see in the US and I immediately started to drool. The fact that it was cheaper and I wouldn’t have to pay tax caught my attention. I left the store with my fam and proceed to do further sightseeing.  I didn’t purchase anything at first because I really wanted to go to GUCCI. I never got to go into GUCCI (sad face), we all walked through the flea market, did some other sightseeing and took great pics.

Time got the best of us, while everyone was sitting down drinking wine I said to my brother Marvin, we forgot to go back to FENDI, and it was 12:50pm.  After he yelled at me for not reminding him we made a mad dash for the store. When I tell you the worker took his sweet time filling out the paperwork it was unreal, I said sir can we please hurry this up they will leave us here.  Everyone started calling our phones and I was in a panic, finally paperwork was done and my brother ran with my bag to the bus. I on the other hand could not keep up on top of that I have asthma. I finally made it to the bus at 1:05pm in shame with my head down and everyone looking at me like really girl.  I didn’t care I had my bag and the rest of the trip my nickname was FENDI. Ha, I don’t mind I like it.

The next few days was filled with visiting other great parts of the world and seeing historical landmarks.  We visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum in Rome, the Trevi Fountain also the exact location where Julius Caesar was assassinated and so much more.  All in all it was an amazing trip and that was needed, especially after the crazy busy summer I had. I ate well, did some fine dining, sang, danced, laughed until my stomach hurt and just simply enjoyed seeing the other side of the world.  Trust me when I say that is something you have to put on your bucket list. I am currently in the middle of planning my next adventure and I hope you are too.

Until next time…...