Co-Parenting Issues – It’s About the Children

I know you all are probably saying, why is Ash G even discussing this? She has no children and no real personal issue with this topic. Oh but let me explain, I’ve seen children damaged because of their parents' dysfunctional separation. I have family members, close friends and I see tons of stories about this topic.  Having to deal with a relationship ending is tough but when there is a  child(ren) involved, it brings a completely new dynamic to the table.  Oftentimes, a dead-end relationship is dragged on for the sake of the child(ren)’s well-being but when both of you decide to call it quits that’s when the issues arise.  In an ideal world, both you and your partner can be cordial adults and co-parents, however, that is usually not the case.  There is an 85% chance that one partner is bitter towards the ex and uses the child(ren) as a pawn by not allowing the parent to take part in the child(ren)'s day-to-day lives. RED FLAG, that should never be the case, you are only hurting the child(ren). It is bad enough the child(ren) goes from seeing both parents together in a relationship being changed to arguing and being separated. Shout out to the parents who have mastered the co-parenting who solely care about the child(ren) and work as a team to have their best interest at heart along with a great upbringing.

Now my guy, Peter Gunz, who I actually met and happens to be a really nice guy, is on the co-parent rollercoaster. There still seems to be issues with him and his children’s mother and it hurts my heart to see them continually arguing on social media.  Yes, it is clear the feelings are still at stake, but what is best for the kids is to keep it simple and allow each other to take part in the child(ren)’s daily or pre-scheduled activities.  If the relationship ended and there are no kids, there are NO real ties. 

5 Steps For A Healthy Co-Parenting Relationship

1.       Open Communication is key and keep the focus on the child(ren) ONLY.

2.       Keep everything Professional until you can get back to the Friend stage.

3.       Create a set of rules for the child(ren) to abide by in both households. You don’t want kids to get  off track and think one parent is better than the other.

4.       No Arguing or demeaning each other in front of the kids, THEY ARE WATCHING.

5.       Stick to the schedule, if you say you will do something with the kids, DO IT.

Ladies, if the father wants to see his kids, please let him see his kids.  Just make those sacrifices on both ends. Everyone is not going to be available at the same time. Yes, there may be a set schedule, but things happen! All in all, everything is about the child(ren), it is NOT about you. They depend on YOU to make things happen.  Single folk, just like myself choose wisely when you start to date, watch the character of he or she just think of your future kids.

Until next time.....