Like my girl Vivica A. Fox, I have been single for quite some time 4 years to be exact.  Yes, single like real single no BOO, no BAE, no DATE just NOTHING.  I had so many toxic relationships in the past that I had to take a break from dating to heal and work on me.  When I decided to take a break little did I know it would be for 4 years.  During the break I worked on my finances, my weight loss, I just worked on me for peace of mind.  During the initial break I did not expect to be in a relationship and was not looking for one, just ask my crew!!

I am now at the point where I am now open to have a relationship but for whatever reason it has not happened for me.  I actually started dating this year but literally went on 4 dates which have all been dead end situations.  They either turned out to be creeps or it just didn’t work out. Yes, I see all these amazing relationships on social media and also now plan and design weddings with The Ritz-Walton Collection where love is constantly in my face.  I love seeing people in love but I sometimes get to a point saying when will it be my turn, hey I'm human. When people hear my age they automatically think I have a man or a kid, I have neither.   I have yet to have a real relationship where a man was truly into me and not what I could do for them financially. I constantly hear you are not getting any younger but I can’t marry myself. I will not give up hope as of now it has not happened for me.


1.      Take yourself on trips explore the world.

2.      Take some time after a painful relationship to heal.

3.      Treat yourself to spa day, shopping and always take care of your body.

4.      Spend some time to pray and meditate for a clear mind.

5.      Never be afraid to take yourself out to dinner that is when you meet the most people.

I honestly keep myself busy with things that matter and that make me happy.  I have a full time job, I am working on my 2nd book, I sing, I take part in community activities with shelters, I host vision board parties and so much more. Granted you can't occupy your entire time and life doing things to avoid being single but they ABSOLUTELY help.  The things I listed above are things I actually do myself. I have no problem taking myself out to dinner, I go to the movies by myself, I travel a lot and meet people.  Just about everyone in my circle both older and younger are either married or in long term committed relationships which is okay.  Yes, I as for now I am SINGLE & LIVING, not having a significant other doesn't mean life is over. Being SINGLE & LIVING just gives you the opportunity to work on you and do the things you love.