Still Finding Love After Hard Break-Up

This past November 2017 one of my favorite UK singers from junior high Mel B, a lead singer of the Spice Girls, went through a long drawn out divorce from a 10 year marriage.  Yes, 10 years is a long time, however, since then she has found love.  One might say that is too soon after a 10-year marriage to find love, but we really don’t know how long she was over the marriage itself.  Just like Mel B found love after a long drawn out divorce, you can too.  There are many people including myself who have gone through bad break-ups, bad relationships, or a divorce who deserve to be in a healthy loving relationship. There is really no time frame, I believe, as long as you are healed and okay with moving on, By all means, go for it. I always encourage being healed from the past relationships or you will take things into new relationship that could potentially end a good thing. I recently had a man pursue me, however he was not over the past relationship where it messed with his head and we could not move forward.

I believe Mel B began to fall out of love to where she was at a point where she no longer cared about being with him.  You can easily reach that stage where you don’t mind being alone and you just can’t deal with being with that particular person.  There is no judging on my part. Mel B is finally happy again and that is what matters. People, we can’t stay in something just because it’s a good look for everyone else. What matters is your peace of mind.  If you both tried everything on both ends to make the relationship work and the love is not there you need to cut it.

5 Physical Signs That You Are Falling Out Of Love

1.       You spend less time together while you let everything get in the way.

2.       When there is less affection

3.       There is no more excitement in your voice when you speak to each other.

4.       You no longer have anything to converse about, there is always dead silence.

5.       Your stomach turns at the mere touch and your skin crawls.

Baby if you are literally at that point in your relationship, you need to let it go.  Married folk considering divorce it is a different ball game, you both vowed to be together forever there are more things you need to do before you call you it quits.  In general, never ever think love ends at the bad relationship you just left, true love is literally around the corner.  Do yourself a favor, let it go, be healed, be free and be opened to something new. Love always wins, I promise!

Until Next time……

Ashley W. Gillett

The Love Rehab Guru