What’s Your Status? The Main Chick vs. The Only Chick

A few years back the popular song “Main Chick” by Kid Ink ft Chris Brown blazed the scenes.  Everyone all around was singing and bragging about being some man’s MAIN CHICK.  I, on the other hand, remixed the song saying I want to be your ONLY CHICK. The term Main Chick basically gives men the freedom to have you on the Top but other females underneath you.  They will give you that forehead kiss and leave you to go out with the Side Chick. ISSA NO FOR ME HUN! I will not tolerate that nonsense and neither should you.  If you two establish that you will be exclusive then do just that. If you two are figuring it out then by all means DATE other people.

I was sitting with my girlfriend the other day where this very topic popped up due to her current situation. The man stated he wanted her to be his MAIN CHICK but he wanted to be her ONLY DUDE. I will say most men can’t handle seeing you with anyone but they have no problem sharing themselves with others. Can you say Double Standard?!!! What is up with that?? I was even propositioned by a man to be ONE of his WIVES. Excuse me sir, I want and will be the ONLY WIFE.  When I tell you some people just go for anything is an understatement.  You have selfish men that like sleeping with everyone else and want you to be faithful to them only, the AUDACITY.

Ladies DO NOT under any circumstances settle for such conditions please know your worth.  Yes, back in the day I didn’t fully know my worth and went for anything. Now that is not the case. I will cut you off in a heartbeat if you serve me with the nonsense.  If you agree to be committed let it be on both sides no extras needed.  Soon loves, that one man will come where he will want you and only you. Just wait on it!

Until next time…….