Re-Defining the “Ride-or-Die Chick”

In the Hip Hop Culture, the Ride-or-Die Chick is a woman who is willing to support her partner and his illicit lifestyle despite how this might ENDANGER or HARM HER. Her loyalty is willing to lie, die, fight, or steal for a man and keeping her mouth shut if it got to a level of JAIL…RED FLAG.  PAUSE, let’s think about this ladies, is that really worth it? Possibly throwing your whole life away to end up in jail, or worse, ending up dead just to be that Ride-or-Die Chick? ABSOLUTELY NOT! My all-time favorite song is by Jay-Z and Beyoncé named “Bonnie & Clyde”, with the words “All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend, down to ride to till the very end it’s me and my boyfriend.” I loved that song/video but that is not my life.  Let me clear this up and re-define that term right now.

Yes, we are to be loyal if you are in a committed relationship but who is the man you are with? Is he a man who will protect, cover, support and love you?  Is he willing to build that empire that right way or is he a man who will scheme his way to the top, cheat, steal and possibly kill?  We all need that man who has visions, dreams, ambition, motivation, will power and, hell, A JOB! Staying in a relationship with someone who feels entitled to do what they want with no real consequences for their behavior is a NO. They don’t really care about you if that is the case.

Top 5 Ride-or-Die NO NOs

1.       Allowing him to cheat on you multiple times with no remorse

2.       Allowing him to put you endanger with possible jail time for his own personal gain

3.       Letting him constantly disrespect your parents or your children

4.       Constantly putting you down both publicly and privately

5.       Asking things of you that could possibly make you lose your job (e.g. asking for your bosses credit card numbers) – YES THAT HAPPENED TO ME BUT I DIDN’T DO IT!

We are the helpmate aka the new Ride-Or-Die chick! We help push their dreams, listen to their vision, encourage, pray, honor and support them. A healthy relationship is what is needed with communication, understanding not scheming and plotting. Let’s just make better choices when starting a relationship. Listen, pay attention don’t rush into anything see if this person is worth the ride. You can easily get caught up in something terrible. We got to do better and save all that energy for the right one.


Until next time….