Getting Over a Bad Break Up

Let’s face it breaking up with a person you love is not easy whether it was a mutual agreement or one sided.  You have to cope with not calling, spending time or saying I love you to the person you probably thought would be around for life.  Most relationships can make you comfortable even if the person was not for you and the constant excuses as to why you should stay together comes into play. Eventually the time comes and you realize you need to cut it.


Finally, the official breakup happens where you can’t eat, sleep, you want to call but your pride won’t let you.  You might even find yourself briefly getting back with the person but then the reality hits again reminding you of why you broke it off the first time. I know the saying for breakups are," ON TO THE NEXT” where you find yourself entertaining something meaningless to stop the hurt you feel. That is not the way you have to take time to heal. Trust me Ashley knows exactly how to get it started, two words EX DETOX.


5 Things You Do To Get Over a Bad Break-Up


  1. Cut off all ties that have to do with your ex delete those pictures, text threads, social media etc.  
  2. Use your friends for support and as accountability partners so you don’t slip off back with that ex.
  3. Dont figure or scheme a way to get them back, work on you getting better.
  4. Occupy that free time to benefit yourself try a new look you’ve always wanted to rock.
  5. Last but not least go on a trip with your friends pack up a bag and live it up.


There are levels to this break up situation and of course everything is not listed but they're definitely steps into the right direction. Trust me there is someone good for you but that EX ain't it baby. Let it go, move on, detox your mind, body and soul it is only for the best.


Until next time …..