Let’s talk about the RED FLAGS with potential baby daddies. The well-known rapper Drake has been recently exposed as a new father to Sophie Brussaux’s son, Adonis. Adonis just happens to be the name of Drake’s clothing line, well how do you like that?? Drake hasn’t confirmed or denied having a baby with Sophie, someone he was caught dealing with last year. Yes, I know there are women who claim to be pregnant and will choose any man who could possibly help them all the while knowing that HE is not the father, RED FLAG. Then there are men who straight up deny their kids and don’t even want to take a paternity test knowing it’s their kid, RED FLAG.

I believe the spotlight is on Drake and he should take the test for peace of mind to know for sure
whether the baby is his or not. DRAKE TAKE THE TEST, TAKE THE STICKEN TEST! If the baby is not yours then so be it move on with your life and if it is your baby step up to the plate. Next time be more carefulespecially you being in the public eye and that goes for anyone else in the spotlight. It is absolutely disgusting for men to deny their kid and I don’t care who it is. Take care of your responsibility PERIOD.

Sophie was recently offered $100k for a 1 hour Q&A session to tell her story which she hasn’t officially agreed to do yet. We are still waiting to hear about her decision. I don’t know about you but I would definitely sit and talk shoot I will bring my own water, coffee and snacks let’s do it. Just have my check ready for me to sign the back and I’ll do a snapshot deposit.

Here are a few Red Flags that will help you know if your partner would be a terrible baby daddy.
Top 5 Red Flags
1. He denies the kids he already has or doesn’t take care of them
2. He has poor relationships with women (mother, sisters, cousins etc…)
3. He screams to the top of the mountain that he don’t want kids (don’t think you can change that sis)
4. He doesn’t like to talk about kids period (always changing the subject)
5. He is career jealous of your higher income and feels he doesn’t need to be financially respond

Ladies please be careful who you lay with you could potentially be in a situation just like Sophie. Men be careful who you lay with as well it goes both ways. Enough is enough, with the lame baby-making partners. Get to know people before taking it to that level or simply just wait to have a kid with your spouse.
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