Hey, I know the whole theme of my book is RED FLAGS but today we are going to talk about GREEN FLAGS.  We all know that Green means GO and yes you may proceed. Recently the whole world has been obsessed with Prince Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding, so let’s discuss.  It is clear in Mehgan’s past relationships that there were RED FLAGS but this one was definitely a GO! I recently heard in an interview that during their dating/courting process they made it their business to not go 2 weeks without seeing each other while living apart.  The distance wasn’t an obstacle for them, and they were very intentional about seeing each other, can you say GREEN FLAG! Here are a few Green Flags that will help you know if your partner is a keeper.

Top 5 Green Flags are

  1. Not Allowing Distance to Distant the Relationship

  2. When Things aren’t blurry and the REAL intentions are made known they’re clear as day

  3. When you are both on the same page and willing to fight in order to keep everything together

  4. When you have the utmost respect for each other

  5. When you both share the same values that is a must


Relationships are work but when there are Green Flags straight across best believe it’s definitely a Go.  Meghan got her Prince Charming the one she was dreaming about since a little girl and I know you will too.  We are always looking out for the Red flags to Run, but let’s acknowledge and cherish the Green Flags when it’s a Go.  If you see Green Flags you may proceed yes indeed.