I took some time from my phone to not talk to anyone, no facetime with close family and friends, no texting all day NOTHING. My phone was on DND so I could primarily focus on ASHLEY. I needed to re-evaluate and focus on my happiness which CAN NOT come from others. Ashley needed a break to love on Ashley. This quiet time was very much needed and I encourage you to do the same. If you can’t be alone and content with yourself you can’t be with someone and be truly happy. Honestly I liked my phone on Do Not Disturb and I plan on doing it more often :-)

There are so many things I can tell you about self-love it is no greater feeling than having that in order to make you feel good about yourself.  When you have love for yourself you have set standards and you know that you will be treated a certain way and demand respect from others.  Everyone needs love and you probably focus on loving other people but if you don’t love yourself you can’t truly be happy.  Loving other people takes time and energy which can be draining later down the line.  Let me say this, you can go above and beyond to make other people happy but when you are home alone and you don’t have that self-love it can take a toll on you.  There are so many benefits of self-love it creates better mental health, reduces stress and you are able to deal with things life throws your way whether good or bad. You will always see things as life lessons where you can learn and better yourself in the long run.

Self-Knowledge is another important aspect you need to have it requires you to know your thoughts, your feelings and how they influence your life.  That’s where the QUIET TIME/DND comes into play. It is about understanding YOU on a whole scale, if you don’t understand YOU how would you expect someone else to know. You need to understand your needs, wants, desires for your life, where you stand with certain views and values. Know yourself intimately, take time to really reflect on what makes you happy and what you will not tolerate. All in all self-love and self-knowledge go hand in hand to make a better you.  Cheers to LOVING YOURSELF FIRST!!!

Until Next time…..