I was asked this question the other day.

“What do you bring to the table?”

I froze, then giggled and said “I am the table”.

Their response was in all seriousness “what are you able to offer to a real man who is well accomplished?” Do you know?

My next response, was it depends on who it is. I guess I’m able to offer a 2nd to 3rd income, I can cook and I know I can please my man. I’m an independent woman who holds my end so I know I can help.

(Of course that response was not good enough)

As a friend they told me to sit back and examine myself because that’s not enough to offer when you are talking about a well accomplished person and a lifetime partner.

They went on to say “What you’re saying you have to offer is just a benefit; that person gets for being with you.

That’s not what YOU bring to the table!”

(Truth is I really didn’t know at the moment what I brought to the table because I was never asked that question.)

As I sit here and type this blog today. I’ve realized that most of us are not succeeding in the “relationship world” because we don’t really know what we bring to the table.

I don’t believe you can offer someone something you don’t offer yourself.

After examining myself and really thinking of what I truly have to offer. I begin to type a list.

What I realistically have to offer that is not materialistic:

  • Love

  • Support

  • Prayer

  • Humility

  • Nurture

  • Endurance

  • Honesty

  • Creativity

  • Growth

  • Honor

  • True Friendship

  • Accountability

Just a quick breakdown. I strongly believe I can help with boosting someone’s faith in God and faith in themselves. I know I will bring and show love because God is first and foremost in my life. I don’t believe anyone can love you unless they love God first. I know I can bring peace because I have God and God is peace. I know i can be their prayer partner. I know I can help push them into achieving their goals and turning their Dreams to Reality. I know if they have a business we would be able to take it to the next level as long as we master mind together. I know I will be there through the rough patches of life because I’ve learn to endure through my own pain and illness. I don’t lie to myself and I strongly do not like liars so I know I will bring honesty. I know I can do all this because I’ve been this person to myself.

Let this be an eye opener for you. Examine yourself to really see what you have to realistically offer to a mate if God was to send them your way today.

Hope this brings you much success!

Be blessed,

Asisha S. Burch