It is Domestic Violence month and I couldn’t start or end this month and not speak out. To speak out on the constant abuse, hurt, pain, and the suffering both women and men go through. If you’ve read Red Flags Run then you know I dedicated my book to a close friend who died (2016) at the hands of domestic violence of only being with her mate for 2 short months. I know it sounds crazy but that is the reality and there are plenty more cases like that. This past weekend I read that a young lady only 17 was killed by her 28 year old boyfriend. She did however complain and get a restraining order but unfortunately he was never served and now she is gone. It keeps happening and this needs to stop.

Let’s not stay silent any longer, let’s shout out, let’s stop the abusers and let’s stop the manipulators. It is time to comfort those hurting and the forgotten. It’s so easy to get caught up in the look of things and look past what really matters. Take some time off of social media to connect with your friends, loved ones, and family members that may be going through this very thing. The ones that look happy may very well be hurting on the inside. We can see with the eyes the outer results but most often the abuse starts with verbal abuse that then leads to emotional and finally physical.


  1. They want to isolate you from your friends or even family.

  2. They tend to insult or belittle you, even when “joking”.

  3. They blame others a lot and often times saying it’s you.

  4. They instill fear, uneasiness or are intimidating in their speech.

  5. They are extremely jealous of your time, relationship or aspirations.

  6. They manipulate you and make you feel guilty.

  7. They get physical such as grabbing or controlling your movements and space.

I urge you to speak up and speak out!  This is dedicated to my non-profit organization KNOW WHEN 2 GO. We will continue to speak out until the matter has been resolved. On my website please click on the RESOURCES section for the National Domestic Violence hotline if you or anyone you know if currently being abused. You are NOT alone. It is NOT your fault. Help IS available.

Until Next Time….