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Hey Everyone,

It’s Ashley and welcome to my first blog ever, YAYYYY! I’m really excited about starting this new blogging journey with you all and I want to keep this going.  For those of you who’ve read my 1st book RED FLAGS RUN that was released on May 6, 2017 thank you so much, and for those of you who didn’t, do yourself a favor and GO GET IT. Trust ME, you will NOT be disappointed!  I have personally been through some crazy things in my past relationships which is why this 1st blog is so fitting.  If You See CraCra Go The Other Way, ha I wish I went the other way but I didn’t.  I walked straight into it with my purse and a smile, like “Heyyy I’m here!” 

 The reason for this blog and my book is simple: I am trying to get people, including myself, to stop ignoring the red flags, and run. I have wasted so much time ignoring the signs, and have had major setbacks.  I can’t afford to be held back any longer. I have actually been on a 3 year “No Dating Break” (breathe). I know, I know it sounds crazy long and impossible right!  Let me explain, I have dated the same type of dude for years, all with different backgrounds.  I had to put myself on a serious pause to really evaluate and detox myself in order to figure out what I was attracting. Trust me, the detox was necessary and very beneficial.  I have seen my closest friends do the same, waste their precious years on dead-end relationships and some actually still are.

 Unfortunately, I had to dedicate my book to a young lady who is no longer here, her boyfriend took her life after a short couple of months of dating. By short, I mean in less than 60 days she went from dating to her life being ended.  It pains me that I can’t ask her what Red Flags she saw in the beginning of that relationship because she is gone.   The nonsense ends today. No more horror stories. Enough is enough.

 Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we settle? Why do we go for the same type of person; the only thing that separates them is a different name!  Don’t worry, I am here to help and in the process this is helping me stay focused.  I spent my 3 + year “single life” journey on getting things going for me, I call it my “Next Level Adulting”.  I was taking care of business: my book, my business ventures, my career, there was just so much going on so this break was very necessary. It made no sense to waste my precious time on dead-end relationships when I was improving myself and status.  I don’t have time to waste and neither do you!

 Let’s talk about Mr. or Ms. CraCra aka Crazy. I know both men and women who have shown that they truly deserve that title, I mean literally.  My old boo, for example, aka Mr. Deranged told me on the first date with a straight face with tears streaming down one eye in the park under the Brooklyn Bridge that he was in love me with me.  We sat on a blanket with our $3 steamed shrimp from the Chinese spot, a $1 Arizona iced tea that we shared (he was so CHEAP).  He explained how the rest of our lives would have gone from that moment on.  Awww, some would say “that’s so romantic right”, WRONG!  We never had longs talks on the phone prior to our first day out together; we just went to straight the point, saying “Let's go on our first date”.  He didn’t know me at all, just how I looked, the car I drove and my profession. He knew the car I drove because I picked him up and drove him to pick up our meal and beverages.  Shortly after he proclaimed his love for me he informed me that we would have a wedding in the near future.    I just listened while I noted in my head that this dude was crazy, but I didn’t go the other way.  I stayed and endured the most, which included him stalking me, threatening me, crying for me to take him back, you name it he did it.  That could have all been avoided if I just went the other way from day 1.

Now you tell me what man or woman in their right mind would tell someone on their first date that they are in LOVE?  Especially if they never even built a relationship via phone, text, email, snapchat, Facebook or Instagram direct messenger.  Even people on Catfish build a relationship before they profess their fake love via social media.  Mr. Deranged proved himself to be even crazier as the months progressed which is discussed heavily in the book.  I saw the signs, actually too many of them on the first date, but I didn’t go the other way.  The crazy RED FLAGS I’ve experienced of course may be different from what others have experienced.  Hey maybe some people think it’s totally normal for the person they just met to express to them that they fell in love at “Hello”.  

 I know people who have read my book are saying, “Ashley really, why didn’t you run especially from him”? Honestly, I can’t tell you why I didn’t but I know now you won’t catch me slipping. 

Moral of the story is simple, If You See CraCra Go The Other Way!!

Leave me a comment below on some crazy first date experiences that should have made you RUN!

 Until next time…...LATER!