The Zebra and The Lion


A zebra is at a water brook drinking and hears a noise coming from a bush a mile away. Although the zebra doesn't see what it is he hears just yet, it is already in preperation to #RUN! By the time the lion shows its self, the zebra already had a head start to safety. There is a chance that the zebra will get away in time, and even if it didn't, at least his zebra friends can all say he put up a heck of a fight at his funeral. 


A woman is in the park one day. She sees a tall handsome man. He is dressed very well, and appears to have it together outwardly. She notices that he is on the phone and yelling loudly. He grabs her attention so fast because he went from 0 to 60 in the matter of seconds. She is not certain what the conversation is about, but she does hear him yell "I'm gonna kill you #&%!@" After he hangs up on the person , he politely comes to her and asks her if she knows where the nearest bar is. Boy oh boy do I wish she had the brain of a zebra to #RUNRUNRUN, but clearly she does not. If he can get that angry and calm down that quick, chances are, he's bipolar. In stead of pointing him in the right direction of the nearest bar and leaving him alone, she asks what's wrong. "Don't let it stress you, Are you ok?" From there they build a relationship that ends in a disaster. He is rude, he yells at her, gets angry fast, hangs up on her, ignores her calls, drinks obsessively, often hits her, stalks her and thretened to kill her. Oh yeah, and the person on the phone he was yelling at turns out to be the mother of his children aka the "baby mama" from hell. Zebra on a platter anyone? Had she only looked at the warning signs of his behavior, and not his outward appearance, she could have avoided all of this. 


The zebra didn't wait to see the lion, and try to size it up. "Maybe this lion has small teeth", "Maybe he's a vegan", "Maybe it will see how cute I am and realize it doesn't want to eat me". It saw a warning and took heed to its natural instincs. The woman on the other hand stayed and waited to help. Why do we do that? Why do we see all the signs we need and still proceed? This is the problem myself, and many of you reading face. I have put my heart, mind, and soul into this book, trying my best to give you all the warning signs of a bad relationship. Don't do what I did. Don't wait around singing "a change gone come". Don't ruin your life or waste your time. If you're still reading this, that means something has caught your attention. There is a chance you are behaving like this woman. Don't lose yourself in all of this. You were once happy. What is your family saying? What are your friends saying? How about your kids? Everyone is depending on you to make the right choice. Don't ignore the warning signs! #RUNRUNRUN.